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A Common Land

Losæter is a “common” area amidst the waterfront development of Bjørvika, in Oslo, Norway. It hosts a range of groups and actions related to urban food production and the preservation of the commons. Losæter is located at Loallmenningen in Bjørvika, a rocky "island" in the middle of a rough building site surrounded by roads, railway lines and the airing towers for the submerged tunnel underneath.

Slow Space

Losæter is part of Bjørvika Utvikling (BU) public art program Slow Space, commissioned and produced by Bjørvika Utvikling in collaboration with Futurefarmers. Slow Space is a curatorial vision conceived by Situations. Challenging preconceptions about the forms and timespan of conventional public artworks, the programme demonstrates a new approach to working with artists in sites of regeneration. It is supported by The Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Eastern Region).

(Agri)cultural institution

Losæter is new cultural institution situated amongst the National Opera, the Munch Museum, Deichmanske Library and the National Stock Exchange. It hosts a range of groups who organize actions related to art, urban food production and the preservation of the commons. A city farmer who is passionate about growing organic food in the city and sharing knowledge has been hired by the Norwegian Farmers' Union in collaboration with Bjørvika Utvikling. In 2016 a unique Bakehouse will be developed by Flatbread Society at Losæter.

Becoming Losæter

  • Bjørvika

    A former container port, the name ‘Bjørvika’ is derived from Norse, meaning ‘the city bay’, as the area is located where the Alna River meets the Fjord.

  • Pollination

    In 2013, Futurefarmers' Canoe Oven moved about Oslo baking flatbread. Their journey allowed for speaking with different neighbors and getting reflections on the development in Bjørvika and input on the idea of a permanent bakehouse there.

  • Allotment Gardens

    Through an open call, Oslo citizens were invited to apply for an allotment box. One hundred boxes were given away and four thousand people applied. Today a thriving community of urban gardeners remain.

  • Temporary Bakehouse

    In 2013, Futurefarmers raised a temporary bakehouse and hosted public programs to test out the idea of a permanent bakehouse situated in Bjørvika.

  • Grainfield

    In 2013, Futurefarmers planted a cultural grainfield made up of nine varieties of heritage grains donated by Johan Swård.

  • Soil Procession + Declaration of Land Use

    On June 13, 2015, a procession of 50 Norwegian farmers carried soil from farms as far north as Tromsø and as far south as Stokke to its new home in Oslo. Soil offerings were laid out upon the land ceremony and feast unfolded. On this day the site was named Losæter, and we signed a Declaration of Land Use declaring the Losæter a new cultural institution in Bjørvika.


In 2014, an official renaming of the site was established. The collectively coined name “Losæter” combines two Norwegian terms for the commons, “Loallmenning” and “sæter”.  “Lo” points to the geographic location of the site being near the water and “sæter” refers the right to put animals to pasture and to put up a house for the summer.  Losæter captures spirit of the project at large and connects to Norway’s agricultural heritage in a continuum of past to future. As Losæter evolves, the practice and metaphor of cultivation are linked to larger ideas of self-determination and organic processes in the development of land use, social relations, and cultural forms.


Flatbread Society

Flatbread Society is a Grainfield, a Bakehouse and public program. It is a public artwork initiated by Futurefarmers art collective in 2012. The Grainfield is a field measuring 500m2 where several types of ancient grain such as Svedjerug(rye), spelt, emmer, einkorn and barley grow and the Bakehouse is a 100m2 baking facility and greenhouse that forms the nexus of exchange at Losæter; gatherings, workshops and a place to be.


Herligheten is an ecological initiative and project about urban food production initiated in April 2012.  It hosts 100 allotments and a program consisting of a number of events and seminars for learning and exchanging ideas about urban farming.

Oslo Apiary and Aviary

Oslo Apiary & Aviary is an art practice run by Marius Presterud and Mikkel Dagestad. A consistent line running through their work is the questioning of the theoretical separation of "urbanity" and “nature” and how it is performed and dichotomized. By rearing plants and animals in the city, they raise the question of how city life is conceptualized and can be renegotiated within and against processes of capitalist urbanization.


Growlab is a multidisciplinary design studio working towards a more livable and sustainable city. Growlab’s competencies range from consulting and communicating sustainable strategies, initiating and supporting urban grassroots movements and involving and empowering communities through inclusive design processes, tools and actions.

Food Studio

Food Studio is a collective of professionals who care about sharing stories of people that believe in good and honest food. Food Studio wishes to change today’s food system to a more sustainable network. They organise seasonal workshops and dinners in the natural surroundings of Oslo called Get Away. Other activities range from collaborations with other likeminded individuals and projects all over the world, to seminars and field trips for larger organisations in Norway to help them make a change.

Åpent Bakeri

Open Bakery is an Oslo-based artisan bakery built on knowledge, traditions and pure, natural ingredients.

Norwegian Farmers' Union's Losæter branch

The Norwegian Farmers' Union works to improve the conditions for Norwegian agriculture and to advocate the importance of farming in a modern society. It has 62.000 members, more than 500 local branches and 18 regional associations. In 2016 a local branch will be established at Losæter.



Losæter @ Bjørvika
Oslo, 0150


Portal (Bjørvika)

Temporary Sculpture

Artist: Jorund Aase Falkenberg

May 2015 - June 2016

Gathered around the fire, we ate porridge and enjoyed each other and the company of the full moon. A celebration of Jørund’s temporary sculpture.

Flatbread Society Bakehouse

Public artwork

Artist: Futurefarmers

Starting May 2016

A bakehouse will rise this Spring. Thirty beams will arrive from Sandøya on site and many hands will come together to erect this new structure in Bjørvika.


What is Budeie?

A Budeie is a young woman or many women who tend to the sheep and cows in the summer on a piece of land dedicated to roaming animals - a sæter. This land is held in common and allows farmers to put their animals to pasture each year.

How to become a Budeie

You have the possibility to be a volunteer budeie or a sætergutt on a sæter in the middle of the city of Oslo. Together with other budeie you will take care of a magical urban farming project. You will be handed tasks, be supervised by a farmer, and it will also be possible to grow your own produce. The sæter will have some animals visiting from time to time, but most of all there will be many nice city people.


If you are interested, please send us a mail and answer these questions:

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What would you like to offer or learn?

What is your relation to farming/land?

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Common Questions

What are the big towers?

Losæter is located at a rocky "island" in the middle of a rough building site surrounded by roads, railway lines and construction sites. The big towers are the airing towers for the submerged tunnel underneath.

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