Welcome to Losæter!

Losæter is a museum without walls at one of Bjørvika’s seven commons. Losæter is a modern park with edible plants and a vibrant community.

Losæter was established as early as 2011 as an art project. The park has grown over the years and today the area consists of fields with traditional grains and an abundance of various vegetables, living soil, compost, pallet collars, a public baking house and a number of activities under the auspices of the City Farmer, a baking community (Bakelauget), a horticultural therapy project, Herligheten allotment collective and several others.

Losæter is part of Bjørvika Utvikling public art program, and it is commissioned and produced by Bjørvika Utvikling in collaboration with the international art collective, Futurefarmers.

You are always welcome to visit this special park in the middle of the city dedicated to arts and urban agriculture!

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How to get involved?

People at Losæter

Where is Losæter?


Memories from Sansehagen 2020

Spirende Oslo made videos from Losæter

The Losæter Festival 2020

The Losæter Festival will take place at the 11th-12th of September

Gardening tips and tricks from an urban oasis

Spirende Oslo made videos from Losæter

Highlights 2011-2019

Losæter has developed since 2011 through peoples engagement and involvement in the space.

Living soil, living cities

To get a good harvest, we are making sure to take good care of the microorganisms in the soil.


Conserving cultural and biological diversity

People – Helping Hands

Losæter has been formed by the efforts of many organizations and volunteers together with the farmer.

Lo + sæter = Losæter

Losæter got it's name in 2015.


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