Farewell 2020, and welcome 2021!

The 2020 season in Sansehagen was not normal in any way. The pandemic caused us to start late in the season, and we constantly had to deal with new restrictions. In addition, Tim Brodgen, who has run the project from the very beginning, moved to England, and landscape architect Kristin Sunde took over. Despite this, we managed from spring to autumn to complete an entire season with lots of Sansehage activities for and with Villa Enerhaugen and Ellingsrudhjemmet.
The year of the pandemic has shown us that more than ever we need activities outside that can strengthen body and soul. Losæter gives us the opportunity to keep distance, but still be together. This year we have been so lucky to receive a new grant for a new season, just around the corner. In the meantime, we can reminisce the year that passed in the photo report below. For now though, new season, new possibilities !

Click in the middle to see the world’s nicest photo report from Sansehagen 2020:


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